Tailor-made excellence


Production flexibility, expertise and creativity are our specialities, while craftsmanship allows us to give shape to new ideas and to offer tailor-made solutions that cater to the specific demands of every customer.

We pay great attention to the development and production of special products, which are carefully customized by taking into account specific customers’ demands. Our design department provides full assistance to the buyer by taking him step by step through each project stage. The process starts with the feasibility study and initial concept design, passes through rendering and prototyping operations, till the completion and final hand over to the client.


Besides launching special productions based on specific customer requirements, we also offer customization services on standard models. These services comprise the functional and aesthetics revisions of pre-existing items as well as the production of over-sized pieces. We can also manufacture standard models by using special raw materials and to make several types of finishes and paintings. Each projects is starts with a feasibility study, but also depends on the number of pieces to make an the kind of material to be treated.


Screen printing consists in filtering a colour through a previously “photo-exposed” canvas in order to transfer a graphic design onto it. The object to customize is then placed immediately in contact with the canvas, which is fixed directly to a metal frame. You can create plain coloured line-drawn graphics in one or more print colours.

Screen printing basically has three advantages. It lets you transfer a large thickness of ink, even with the possibility of swelling subject to use of special additives, to obtain print results that are resistant to abrasion and light. It ensures optimal colour rendering, as the colours are printed in succession. Finally, it also allows you to work on non-absorbent materials and surfaces that are not perfectly smooth.


Pad printing uses a plate system, with pads varying in softness that pick up the ink from the engraved plate and bring it directly to the surface of the object and “dabbing” it with the desired print.

Unlike other printing techniques, pad printing provides excellent results on irregular or spherical surfaces, even with very small print. It is also appreciated where multi-coloured printing is required and fast drying is needed. Finally, the various advantages include its cheaper cost: as the construction of a frame is not required, its installation costs are cheaper.


As the name suggests, transfer consists in a heat transfer printing technique. The graphics are printed digitally on a transfer film and then applied with a special hot press directly on the item to be customized.

The advantages of this technique are essentially two. The print quality is excellent, even with the four-colour process, as it provides high-resolution images with brilliant, vibrant colour combinations. Finally, it is a quick and inexpensive technique, especially for short runs, as it does not require plates or setting up installations such as film frames or stereotypes.


Laser engraving is an innovative and quick method of permanently marking contents on products. It consists in a non-contact process where the laser beam removes the surface of the material to expose a cavity. The cavity reveals an image that is noticeable to the eye and touch. We list here below the main advantages:

FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE – Laser engraving offers almost unlimited possibilities in Terms of marking contents. It allows customized marking of logos, codes, texts, shapes as well as any other graphic Element. The maximum marking size is 15 x 15 cm. You Will be asked to provide your contents in vector format (.Dxf, .Dwg or .Ai illustrator 8 file). Other file formats can be converted. Conversion costs will be quoted on demand.

PRECISION – The 3D laser engraving quality is unmatchable for reproducing graphics. The mark is precise, since no part of the machinery actually touches the material being engraved. Furhermore, it gives highly detailed marks, without adding undesirable substances. So, this technology is ideal to engrave even the smallest shapes.

PERMANENT MARKING – Since the 3D laser engraving works on the top of the material, it leaves a permanent mark capable of withstanding harsh environments, without deforming and discolouring.

QUICK AND COST-EFFECTIVE – The 3D laser engraving provides an extremely fast way to customize your products. Processing time is approximately 10 days, although this may vary depending on the number of item to be processed. The 3D laser engraving is also cost-effective since it operates almost entirely without consumable materials and does not required special installation. So, this It method is ideal to customize even small product batches.

FLEXIBILITY – You can laser engrave a wide variety of materials including, plastics, stainless steel and other metals. It can also be used to engrave coated materials, although this is subject to verification depending on the kind of product as well as the colour and coating type.

COLOURS – Laser engraving does not transmit color but it can change the color of the engraved item.