1985 / 2007
    The company’s story begins in 1985, as the Italian subsidiary of a well-known French business operating in the field of hygiene and professional cleaning.
    2008 / 2011

    In 2008 Medial International becomes independent and buys out a leading Italian producer of steel accessories - Metalnova® - to expand its production capacity. The Company rapidly specialises in the production of containers, waste bins as well as other equipment for professional cleaning applications.

    The company undergoes a period of significant growth. The assortment is rapidly expanded and divided into four main categories: waste management and cleaning solutions, hygiene and personal care products, accessories for indoor areas and equipment for outdoor areas.
    Marking the company’s 30th anniversary, the company decides to merge its two brands - Medial International and Metalnova® - by renewing the logo design. A brand-new icon takes shape, the flower with four petals, each representing one of the business segments we deal with.
    Medial International-Metalnova® rapidly gains international status in the hygiene and professional cleaning industry. The company also celebrates the opening of its brand-new headquarter and most of all the new warehouse, which is expected to support the production structure and to boost commercial activities.
    In little more than 10 years, Medial International-Metalnova® has become a leading player in its field, recognised and appreciated by professionals worldwide. Today, the company’s assets comprised two manufacturing sites located in Italy, a 10.000 meters warehouse where over 350.000 products are stored and marketd in over 20 countries.
    The research and development of each of our items is run internally by our technical department through a process focused on creating innovative solutions, where form and function find the perfect combination. For us, design also means rethinking the smallest details in order to improve the performance and quality of the product in order to comply with all applicable regulations and standards in force (HACCP, FIREPROOFING, CE). Attention in research is also focused on the Italian design values, of which most of our products are the expression.
    We have consolidated a manufacturing capacity pursuing a constant improvement in production efficiency. Two sites in Italy, diversified by type of machinery and expertise, allow to optimize production processes and implement timely changes to the moulds. The ability to customize products, thanks to sophisticated technologies, is undoubtedly one of our strengths, enabling us to accommodate each request and propose the best solution to our customers.
    Logistics has always been one of our strengths: over 10,000 square meters of warehouses where over 350,000 pieces are stored, allow us to respond immediately and fulfill orders as quickly as possible. We are therefore able to ensure timely delivery thanks to careful planning and delivery management.
    The distribution of our products is in fact carried out by a network of distributors in more than 20 countries. Over the years we have first aimed to strengthen our commercial coverage in Italy then grow with the same approach in France, Germany and in most European countries. A model that has gradually expanded, finding business market opportunities even in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. All this effort in order to create a real interface with the end-user, entrusted to highly experienced professionals, able to guarantee a value that is essential for us: the support before, during and after the purchase of our products.
  • Certified quality
    We are committed in offering products that help people improve the quality of their lives in any space of living – at home, at work as well as in leisure spaces. This guiding value is at the bases of our business approach and represents the cornerstone on which our company has built its identity. In view of this and most of all as an instrumental part of our strategy, Medial International adopted a Quality Management System certified under UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 in 2016
  • green thinking
    Respect for the environment is part of our company’s DNA. The will to act proactively in its favor is expressed in a policy of continuous improvement at all levels. Each article is studied to consider space, the end-user and its intended use. This induces us to adopt the most suitable technical solutions to ensure the lowest possible waste of electrical energy and material consumption. The desire to create eco-friendly products is also reflected in the choice of using degradable materials, recyclable or environmental friendly such as steel and plastics. As much attention is devoted to packaging, always chosen according to its biodegradability. Each package is then prepared making the most of available space. We also strive to responsibly create individual and community awareness to a greater respect for the environment.

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